Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018

Malta has the opportunity to promote its heritage and its cultural dynamism. During this year, you are going to see hundreds of exhibitions, festivals and others in order to highlight the richness of the Maltese heritage. Since 1985, each European country has the opportunity to promote one of its cities for a definite period. Valletta […]

Malta has the opportunity to promote its heritage and its cultural dynamism. During this year, you are going to see hundreds of exhibitions, festivals and others in order to highlight the richness of the Maltese heritage. Since 1985, each European country has the opportunity to promote one of its cities for a definite period. Valletta is announced as European Capital of Culture 2018.  Here below you will find the program.

The identified themes for “Valletta 2018” will be: Generations, Roads, Cities and Islands. A dense program with accessible events will liven up the capital all year round.


When: 31st December 2017 – 1st January 2018: Festival – Music – Performance
Where: Valletta

Walk around the streets of Valletta with street shows, balloons in order to enjoy the most expected party from Year 2018. The best Maltese groups will play at St George Square for a rock show and a very funky jazz.


When: 20th January 2018
Where: St Georges Square – St John Square – Auberge de Castille Square – Fountain of Tritons.

Magnificent performances in the streets of Valletta: the new European Capital of Culture 2018. The capital will welcome big outdoor representations (100 000 visitors are expected). These places will accommodate acrobatic shows, digital projections, symphonic choir and the contemporary dance shows. The public can also move from one place to another. They will be accompanied by local brass bands and street artists.

Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018


When: From 13th January till 27th January 2018
Where: Valletta

Two weeks of Baroque music in Valletta and in the Grand Harbour. The festival will be part of celebrations of the opening of the 2018 program.

When: From 20th January till 28th May 2018
Where: Various locations

This exhibition in several locations, organized by Maren Richter, with existing works and participation of more than 25 international artists, will make a commitment for the current political and cultural realities of the Mediterranean Sea. The exhibition will invite the public to discuss and think the concept of island and island-state by analyzing the paradoxes and the relations between the earth and the sea.


When: From 9th February till 13th February 2018
Where: Valletta and various locations in Malta and Gozo

One of the oldest cultural events of Malta, Maltese carnival was created in the time of the Knights of the Order of St John. It is celebrated through all the islands, with a particular event in the capital. Valletta 2018 immortalizes the tradition, while putting forward the innovative and contemporary reinterpretations, with the quality of the artistic performance.


When: From 12th March till 31th March 2018
Where: Teatru Manoel, Valletta

A musical performance conceived by the dynamic group of the theater of the young people, handling themes of the fear and the reliable loss, in an imaginary world where sounds and music can be stolen and hidden, leaving the world in full silence. Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre feeds and trains the young artists, prepares them for a professional career in the creative arts.

Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018


When: 7th and 8th of April 2018
Where: Various locations

A multidisciplinary performance of the artistic director of dance and theater, Constanza Macras of the company Dorky Park. The work uses projections and green screens, at the same time literally and figuratively to combine the reality, the imagination, the surrealist and the sublime. Gathering professional dancers with amateur dancers and young people, the work will take the shape of a route between performance installations in patrimonial sites and unusual spaces, which will lead the public to attend a final performance in a common space.


When: 13th, from 20th to 22nd, from 27th to 29th of April and from 4th to 6th May, from 11th to 13th May 2018
Where: Various locations

A multicultural and international festival of the arts which gives rise to a new way of thinking of the role of the contemporary art in Malta. It presents specific works of international and Maltese artists, which are produced and presented with the local population within the framework of the festival.


When: From 4th to 6th May 2018
Where: St Georges Square, Valletta

It is one of the projects of Valletta 2018 that was welcomed with a big enthusiasm. This event transforms, for a week end, one of the biggest open spaces of Valletta, Pjazza San Gorg. It will be transformed in an enormous floral carpet composed of 80 000 plants. The main attraction of the last edition was the opening of the secret gardens of the palace archbishopric and of the monastery cloisters of Saint Catherine, opened to the public for the first time for 400 years. The past edition of Valletta Green Festival also saw Pjazza San Gorg filled with flowers with an incredible floral installation of 400 square meters. The compositions are created from seasonal flowers, tightened well, which give rise to a mixture coloured with white, pink, purple, yellow and red.


When: From 31th May to 3rd June 2018
Where: Ta’Qali (Mosta)

Festival ultra connected between music of the world, hip-hop, electro music, pop, songwritter and workshops such as yoga, tantra in Ta’ Qali. Don’t miss a visit to this festival.


When: 7th of June 2018
Where: Grand Harbour, Valletta.

The Grand Harbour of Valletta will be the frame of multidisciplinary artistic shows on the water and the quays. Aquatic shows will be specially planned for the opportunity; the local teams will participate in a race through the port on rowing boats, whereas swimmers will cross between the forts which dominate the port. Once at night, a show of lights and fireworks will be performed.

Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018


When: From 8th to 17th June 2018
Where: Valletta

This festival shows independent, progressive and innovative movies with a wide range of documentaries. The projections are held in places of exception, accompanied with discussions, workshops, exhibitions and debates.


When: From 1st to 16th July 2018
Where: Valletta

This International Festival shows the best of the local artistic scene. This event allows the Maltese, confirmed artists and new talents, to occur in front of a wide public. Foreign artists are also invited in Valletta and its neighborhood. With virtuoso musicians, Shakespearean dramas, surprising visual and artistic installations, astonishing choreographic performances, the Festival of the Arts of Malta becomes a cultural major event.


When: From 29th to 31th August 2018

Where: Fort St. Elmo, Valletta.

The edition 2018 will be multidisciplinary, thanks to the writing, to the text and to the music, and in connection with the themes of the program of Valletta 2018.


When: 7th – 8th – 9th September 2018
Where: Teatru Manoel, Valletta

Baroque pastiche based on François Renard’s work “Play It” and created by Elli Papakonstantinou  whose pictures and music become entangled with texts and conversations, to the saints and the fishermen, as well as in contemporary and baroque images.


When: From 11th to 15th September 2018
Where: Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta

A contemporary adaptation of the opera which will be played outdoors in Leeuwarden and Valletta.


When: 28th September 2018
Where: Valletta

Multiple animations and scientific popularization will be organized for young children and adults.

Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018


When: From 23rd to 30th September 2018
Where : Teatru Manoel, Valletta

An opera offering opportunities for the young singers to receive courses and to be managed by professionals. This long-term collaboration will end in a contemporary production with numerous participants, pulled from the graphic novel worship of Corto Maltese.


When: 6th October 2018
Where: Valletta

Every October, Notte Bianca highlights Valletta with a night-celebration of people, culture and arts. Streets and cultural places of the Maltese capital welcome numerous animations. Planned for 2018 are the installations of new participative media and the performances of circus in the street.


When: 3rd and 4th November 2018
Where: Theater St. Agatha, Rabat

A large-scale participative project on the themes of love, death and madness, mixing the Greek mythology and the Persian legend. A gathering of animals and a theater of feelings live in one of the most important participative events of Valletta 2018.


When: From 4th to 11th November 2018
Where: Design Cluster, Valletta

An international public event which will present the best of the world contemporary scene of the design. It will be with the cooperation of Maltese and international designers and exhibitors.


When: From 9th to 18th November 2018
Where: Valletta

The annual international festival for the children and the youth. An important collaboration in 2018 will see the program of the festival proposing lots of high-quality interactive events for the young people and adults. The ZiguZajg program gathers more than 25 projects of Maltese and international companies for a public of more than 13 000 people.

When: All year round

Where: Strait Street, Valletta

Since 2015, until the restoration and the rehabilitation of Strait Street are finished, adjacent streets welcome a program of cultural quality events. Every month the operas, the music, the theater, the literature and the conferences which gather the scientific and artistic communities are proposed to the public.

Valletta : European Capital of Culture 2018


When: All year round
Where: Valletta

A long-term initiative, meeting the needs between the design sector and the creative industry in Malta.

MUŻA – The new museum of the Arts of Malta

When: All year round
Where: Auberge Italy, Valletta

MUZA is the name of the new arts museum of Malta, the key project of the program of Valletta 2018. This community project is a national museum which shares a common vision with the objectives of the Foundation in the promotion of the art. The MUZA takes its districts in the Auberge of Italy, a historic building dating the end of the XVIth century, and which was the residence of the Italian Knights of the Order of Saint John.

You can find the detailed program here.

Photos Credit: Valletta 2018.

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