Sliema: the lively city


Sliema is one of the animated cities of Malta. Spend a day in Sliema to discover what it can offer you. Shopping addict, food lovers, walkers, photographers and so on, Sliema is your perfect destination – Believe us!

Back to the days, this city used to be a fisher village such as St Julian’s. Now, it is the commercial and residential heart of Malta. Indeed, Sliema is the ideal place to do shopping in its streets, shopping center or the shopping mall “Tigné Point” – a real temple for shopping addict.

Since many years now, Sliema is attracting more and more people among the years. It is a very popular place with many restaurants and bars. You will definitely have the choice between junk food and fancy restaurants.  A large choice of activities will also be waiting for you in Sliema. You can find some activities such as snorkeling, diving, cruises and so on to keep you being entertained during your stay.

Walkers and photographers, this city is the place to be to walk along the promenade, take pictures of Valletta, see beautiful sunset. You will see breathtaking landscapes. This promenade, which is along the littoral, is also the favorite spot for joggers and walkers.  In this way, you will find many activities providers along the littoral waiting for you to come and book your next activity. Ice cream trucks are also along the Sliema promenade.

Sliema is one of the most visited areas by tourists thanks to its constant animation during day and night. It is the perfect location for students or other people who like animated places.

Our Crush in Sliema


Although, Sliema has rocky beaches, we love its natural pool in the rocks. With 10 natural pools, Sliema offers you a unique experience with wonderful colors going from one blue to another depending on the pool you are. In summer this is really the place to be – nature makes good things right?


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