Mellieha: The perfect place to stay for your holidays


Mellieha is located in the north of Malta, and it gathers every essential point for your stay in Malta. Its pictorial landscapes between hills and sea will seduce you. Indeed, Mellieha is a very popular tourist destination and this is mostly for the breathtaking view.

In this town you will find the largest sandy beach of Malta: Mellieha Bay. Mellieha bay is a sandy beach, very busy during the peak season and weekend by the locals and tourists. The main reason is the water is very calm and shallow. That’s make an ideal place for families. Furthermore, you will find numerous facilities such as restaurants, sunbeds, umbrellas…  For the people who don’t like touristic zone do not worry, stay in this town is not synonymous of overpopulation.

In fact, this city is ideally situated in the north of Malta and so, close to sandy beaches such as Armier Bay or Little Armier, which are less occupied. From those beaches you can also see Comino and Gozo islands. As you might understand, this town isn’t that far from the ferries which will take you on the neighboring island.

Besides the sandy beaches, Mellieha offers you as well the possibility to visit places such as Popeye Village, Saint Agatha’s Tower (or The Red Tower), the Parish Church , The tunnara Museum and so on.

History of Mellieha

Mellieha’s history goes back quite for a while. Indeed, lots of old monuments can be found in this area. Traces of Neolithic activity were found many times in this area. There were also megalithic vestiges, experts says troglodytes used to live here to since 213 B.C.  Over the time, Mellieha has seen different civilizations lived on her lands. There were Greeks people, who named their colony “Melita” then; they have been succeeding by Carthage and Roma. The village of Mellieha has been left behind from every civilization in the 15th century due to fear of corsair attacks. The city has been repopulate only in the 17th century after the Knights of Malta built some fortifications to protect the area.

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