Marsaxlokk: a traditional fishing village in Malta


Marsaxlokk is the biggest fishing port of Malta. Its fish market on Sunday is the best moment to visit this adorable village.

Situated in the southeast of the island of Malta, this old village means “the bay of the sirocco” for winds coming from the North of Africa. It is the place where everything seems simpler. The Phoenician arrived via the port of Marsaxlokk when they settled down in Malta in the 8th century before JC. It is also here that the Ottoman army landed to lead the Great Siege of Malta in 1565.

Fishing is the old commercial activity of Marsaxlokk. The colored boats called luzzu are the Maltese traditional boats. They have small eyes painted on their bow, supposed to protect and bring good luck to the fishermen.

As you can guess, it is an ideal place to go to eat a dish of fish or seafoods in one of the restaurants in Marsaxlokk. Meals are delicious, the best of Malta without hesitation.

Most of the tourists come on Sunday for the market. You can buy fresh fish as well as some honey, jam, wine and clothes.

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