Gozo: the peaceful island


Gozo is a peaceful island and it is kind of the soul of the archipelago. The island is more authentic. Gozo is the little countryside of Malta, people come on the island to rest, dive, visit Victoria and cultural sites.

When you arrive to this island, the discovery starts immediately in Mgarr, where the ferry service is settled. From there you will see the main traffic of the island: people arriving from Malta, people leaving for Malta and even people who are willing to discover the little sister island Comino.

To move within Gozo you have different possibilities directly accessible when you get down from the ferry. First, you will find the public transport – same buses as Malta. Second, you can rent a vehicle (quad, cars, scooter, bikes). And finally for the bravest, you can stride the 67 km² of Gozo on foot. To know more about this read our dedicated article here.

This island is full of picturesque landscapes with green hills, cliffs, beaches and inlets. You will see the island is very peaceful, rural, authentic and welcoming.

5 reasons to visit Gozo

  1. Visit this island for its beauty
  2. Discover its historic heritage
  3. Enjoy its many activities: climbing, scuba diving, kayak…
  4. Have delightful beaches and inlets
  5. Visit it for its local products and handcrafts





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