Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?

Christmas has two trends from one family to another: time to dress really kitsch or time to wear your most elegant outfit.  We don’t forget the Christmas decorations with the classic look or the more developed ones. Make up, outfits, decoration and so on; we have listed for you all the trends for this year […]

Christmas has two trends from one family to another: time to dress really kitsch or time to wear your most elegant outfit.  We don’t forget the Christmas decorations with the classic look or the more developed ones.

Make up, outfits, decoration and so on; we have listed for you all the trends for this year from the most unusual to the last fashion trends. Have a look!


1.               Christmas Jumpers

Let’s start by the hallmark of Christmas fashion. Every year, Christmas jumpers come back for everyone’s pleasure! Buy it or do your jumpers yourself to wear or offer it. This year it is still on the top of the trends for Christmas. Traditional, funny, kitsch or festive, everyone has its definition of the jumpers.

Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?

2.               Glitter Beard

In 2015, a weird trend appears on Instagram: men start to cover their beard with glitter. Seems like in 2017, this trend has reappeared with Christmas on social media. In fact, we can see men with glitter beard and little Christmas tree bulb. What do you think about this new trend?

Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?


3.               Christmas Hair & Eyebrows

In the category weird and too much we have placed the Christmas hair tree and eyebrows trends. Some women have a very important Christmas spirit! Could you do the same?
Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?Wondering how to make a Christmas hair tree, have a look at the video we have found on Facebook here.

Ready for the eyebrows?
Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?4.               Upside down Christmas tree

Christmas 2017 see a new trend regarding the Christmas trees. From the US, this trend goes viral as you can see on Instagram with the hashtag #UpsideDownChristmasTree. From big mall to streets or houses, there is lots of Christmas trees turn over. We are not sure about the origin of this new trend. Maybe it comes from the successful series called « Strangers Things »… Anyway, are you ready to upside down the traditions?

Christmas Trends: What’s new for 2017?

5.               DIY trends

Do it yourself: a trend that is in constant evolution since the last few years. It is obviously ideal for Christmas and you will find many videos on internet for DIY decorations, Christmas trees, gifts, crafts, cards and so on. We advise you to visit Pinterest  this website is awesome!

6.               Christmas games for your family

Christmas games are perfect for any holiday party! They will make you laugh and you will enjoy the moment with your family. Look at these few Christmas games for kids and a few for adults.

#1- Marshmallow Munch

Supplies Needed: Mini Marshmallow, hot chocolate or Imbuljuta Tal-Qastan (Maltese soup), and small cups.

Eat an entire bowl of mini marshmallows and drink a cup of hot chocolate in a minute (or race to be the first).

#2 – Rudolph Race

Supplies Needed: Red pompoms, spoons, Vaseline, and Rudolph poster, painting or drawing

Give each player a red pompom and a spoon full of Vaseline. Players have to race and be the first one to put a red pompom on Rudolph’s nose. Make sure to put a bit of Vaseline on his nose as well – on the other side of the room. To play, players must dip their nose into the spoon full of Vaseline then get the red pompom to stick to the Vaseline on their nose. Once the red pompom is on their nose, they must move across the room and stick it to Rudolph’s nose. Don’t use your hands at any time.

#3 – Secret Santa

Supplies Needed:  Small gift boxes, picture of Santa, index cards or small pieces of paper, wrapping paper

Before the party, wrap up a a bunch of small boxes (about 5 persons team playing) and inside some of those, put a small piece of paper with a picture of Santa on it. In the other boxes, put a small piece of paper with nothing on it. To play, players have to choose one present from the table and unwrap it with oven mitts on their hands. If the present has a Santa inside, they’re done. If not, they have to choose another present and continue unwrapping until they find a secret Santa.


#Ourfavorite – The Saran Wrap Ball Game:

Supplies Needed:  Wrapping paper, gifts, pair of dice

This game is an excellent icebreaker and a perfect way to get the kids and adults interacting at just about any party. It is our favorite people are a lot having fun and this is a perfect game for all age groups too! You can make this game as fun or crazy as you want by the prizes you put in the game! They can be weird or odd prices. Or, some kid friendly prices. Here are the Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules along with some ideas for the small gifts you can place inside the ball!

The Rules:

  • The first person with the ball starts unwrapping the ball while the person on their right rolls a pair of dice, trying to roll doubles.
  • Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to the next player and the sequence begins again.
  • The person with the ball does not stop unwrapping until the person to their right rolls doubles. This creates urgency to the game! You want to roll the dice over and over again as quickly as you can so you get the ball!
  • You get to keep the treasures you unwrap!
  • You decide who starts the game. You can choose to roll the dice or go from youngest to oldest. Your choice!
  • Put a bigger gift in the middle!

Feel free to modify the rules!

Good to know:

  • Try doing different strips of plastic wrap to make the game a bit more difficult. Be sure to wrap them in different directions too.
  • You don’t have to pick doubles as your pass rule. You can choose any number you want!
  • Use Press and Seal wrap to make more challenging!
  • If you have a large group of people playing this game, try using two large balls and start them on opposite ends of each another!

Ideas of gifts you can put inside:

  • Candy pieces
  • Candy boxes
  • Shopping Gift cards
  • Tic Tacs
  • Christmas Bell Necklace
  • Christmas Earrings
  • Christmas Socks
  • Small Toys
  • Small Card Games
  • Make up
  • Lottery tickets


7.               Fashion trends for 2017

In a register more classic, the fashion trends for Christmas are: velvet, dazzling sequin dresses, sensuous silks and even fuzzy coats. So if you are going to a party or a restaurant for Christmas lunch #Maltesetradition, wear something with one of these elements. Actually, you won’t miss them in the shops.

Remember: « Glittering crystals, whimsical feathers and disco metallics comprise the key ingredients of the late shift this party season » – Vogue online magazine.

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